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Whether you’re an influencer on your training ride or a starry-eyed newbie hoping to awe your cycling partner, we have the hottest gear and the best recommendations. Bike GPS with all of the bells and whistles, indoor trainers, rechargeable LED light systems, helmets with integrated crash sensors - however you nerd out on bikes and tech, we’ve got something for you.

Shop Indoor Trainers

When the weather doesn't cooperate, ride inside.
We have Tacx Smart Bikes too. Come try the demo model at the shop!

Shop Bike Computers

Stats to let you know where you are now so you can train and get to where you want to be.

Shop Lights

See and be seen when you shine brightly.

Shop Helmets

There’s so much exciting technology in new bike helmets that it’ll make your head spin (metaphorically, of course).